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A Sustainable World of Abundance

At Pace International, we believe in a Sustainable World of Abundance in which there is enough food for everyone. By harnessing innovation, collaboration, and passion we aim at helping reduce food waste, protect the natural resources for future generations and provide nutritious fruits and vegetables for the increasing population.

Today, nearly half of all fresh produce is wasted in the U.S. alone. Most of this waste occurs along the supply chain before it even reaches the consumer. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) these losses cost an estimated $1 trillion each year in precious resources that include land, water, and energy. On a global scale, one-third of food produced today is wasted, which is about 1.3 billion tons.

Food Waste

We are committed to helping reduce food waste and minimizing our impact on the environment. Through innovation and advanced technologies, we offer our customers a portfolio of sustainable solutions to help them deliver the freshest produce to consumers worldwide. By maintaining the natural beauty, freshness, and quality of just-picked fruits and vegetables, we can help reduce the amount of produce that ultimately goes into landfills around the world.

How Pace Is Supporting A Sustainable World Of Abundance


ecoFOG, the leading thermofogging service for the application of postharvest fungicides and antioxidants to fruit in storage. Over a period of two years, ecoFOG has protected nearly 2.6 million bins of fruit and saved 21 million gallons of water compared to conventional application systems.

PrimaFresh® & Natural Shine®

Our line of edible carnauba coatings has helped packers maintain the freshness of produce longer, reduce food waste, and extend fruit shelf life from the packinghouse to the consumer, naturally. In the past two years alone, Pace’s edible coatings have reduced losses of nearly 400,000 tons of fresh produce.

U.N. Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

Our mission for a sustainable society is guided by our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. At Pace, we have focused our efforts on goals where we can be most effective which include reducing our environmental impact, solving food issues, promoting water conservation and ensuring safe work environments for all our employees in the communities in which Pace operates globally.

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Sumika Sustainable Solutions

Pace’s ecoFOG® Technology is recognized as a “Sumika Sustainable Solution” by Sumitomo Chemical. Every year, Sumitomo Chemical identifies sustainable products and technologies from their family of global companies that offer value in solving problems for society in a sustainable manner. For a product to receive this prestigious recognition, it must contribute to building a sustainable society and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Pace’s ecoFOG® Technology won this award because it sustainably controls the postharvest decay of fresh apples and pears. Preventing decay reduces fruit losses along the food supply chain, and fewer apples and pears end up in landfills. Pace is doing its part with innovative technologies and products to help reduce food waste and see that consumers enjoy the many benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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